Before fertilizing soil and profitable plantation is very important to ensure that everything will contribute as macro and micro elements must be first, and then you will be well assimilated by the plant. As iron, many elements may be present in the soil and unavailable to the plant. Among the reasons for this scenario: the presentation of nutrients, soil structure, its aeration, pH, organic matter content, its salinity, the presence of chlorides, etc. Indeed, the profitability of our plantation, investment in fertilizers and the yield of our crops, are strictly related to the presence of organic matter and humic substances precisely [SH] on the ground, especially when the soil is poor and not fertile. The efficiency of utilization of [SH] has been demonstrated by many researchers, their direct and indirect effects on crops in open fields and in greenhouses justifies the choice of the theme of this article, especially when it comes to dry farming areas and semiarid.