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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded onto your computer or any other device (smartphone, tablet, etc) that you use when visiting . One of the many purposes of cookies is to allow you to customise the content you access and also permits us to obtain statistics to improve our services and offer advertising.

In general terms, several criteria can be used to classify cookies, depending on who manages them (ourselves or a third party), the period during which they stay active (only for the active session or persistent) or their purpose (technical, for customisation, for analysis, etc). In the latter case, depending on the specific purpose they may or may not need to obtain the user’s consent.

Below you will find a general explanation regarding the cookies you can frequently find so that the types that are used on can be further understood.

Who do
they belong
OursIn this case, those sent to your device from…
Third party

In this case, those sent by other entities such as Google as is the case of the Google Analytics cookies.

How long
do they
stay active?
SessionThey take and store data during the user’s session, for example, to provide a service. They disappear once the
session is finished.
PersistentThe data collected by using the cookie stays stored for a period of time that could range from minutes to even years.
What is
Not requiring the consent of the user

They are necessary for browsing the website, so that it works properly.

They customise or configure the presentation of the website visited by the user, identifying the language, size of the characters, etc.

They are used to prevent or hinder attacks against the website and/or the users.

Requiring the consent of the user
AnalyticalUsed to measure the activity of the user when they visit the website and after, to compile browsing statistics to improve the service, information, etc.

Used to manage the frequency and content of the shown publicity.

Follow-upUsed to customise publicity.

Which type of cookies are used in

To be precise, our own and third-party cookies that are used on

Our cookies

Activity time

More information
Third party cookies
TypePurposeActivity timeMore information

Management and deactivation or elimination of cookies:

Apart from technical cookies, which are necessary to browse in reference to the analytical and publicity cookies mentioned above, the user can exercise their right to deactivate or eliminate the cookies installed on their computer or device at any time through the configuration option on the browser being use.

The manner in which the user can eliminate or block the cookies depends on the browser being used. Please, check the following links to the main browsers where you can find more information:
_ga.adiego.com2020-09-03T08:45:41.000ZGoogle Analytics
_gat_gtag_UA_120655863_1.adiego.com2018-09-04T08:46:41.000ZGoogle Analytics
_gid.adiego.com2018-09-05T08:45:41.000ZGoogle Analytics
catAccCookiesadiego.com2018-10-04T07:43:50.000ZSe trata de una cookie que controla el aviso de cookies

Enquiries and more information about cookies:

If you have any queries regarding this cookies policy, please, contact Adiego Hnos., S.A.

Ctra. Valencia km 5,9 50410 Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza)

If you would like any further information regarding cookies, you can check the Spanish Agency of Data Protection´s Guide to using cookies (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos – AEPD), which was created together with several other sector associations. Available here.

Cookies policy update:

This cookies policy was updated on 20th July 2018.